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"You're Like, Really Pretty."

Let me start by saying that I'm pretty much stuck in 2003. I still burn cds, play Nintendo DS, use a boom box, play Sims, watch Disney Channel Original movies, and am obsessed with a variety of early 2000s candies. This shoot idea has lived in my brain for quite some time now.
I reached out to my wonderful makeup artist and pitched the idea. It was an instant hit with her because turns out she also hoards butterfly and lisa frank stickers. Everything in this shoot we already had. We had dreams of inflatable furniture but it just wouldn't have delivered on time lol. This shoot is full of fluffy blankets, pink light bulbs, and the cutest baby bottle pop.
Things got even more real when I scouted model Hailey Campbell after watching her give some serious sass on the NWAFW runway that I photographed in April. She has the perfect young, fresh, look that gave me some Cher from Clueless vibes. After meeting her we all agreed she couldn't have been more perfect. Turns out she drives a VW bug (that made its way into the shoot), works at Claire's, and was literally born in the year 2000.
Feast your eyes on these, biotch.

"OMG Dad stop listening in on my phone calls!"

Until next time! <3


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