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We all wanted to live in this field.


Super excited about these images I am about to share with y'all. For this shoot I got together with my new makeup artist friend and a model friend of mine and we went on an adventure! The location changed a couple times and I knew I wanted to shoot in this flower field I saw.

Hannah, our lovely makeup artist had a shoot idea she threw at me months ago, and we finally got together and made it happen! I had the idea of using a (SUPER DIRTY SRY) mirror I have had for a while from a Pinterest photo I pinned a while back. She created this makeup look and styled Tabatha, our absolutely exquisite model. We drove around Prairie Grove and they were humble enough to allow me to shoot on the side of the road (ya know, where all the best photoshoot spots are) while getting honked at and lots of stares! Life is short, do the things.

Here are the shots I got! I am low key high key super obsessed with these. Tabatha made this extremely hard to edit because she quite literally didn't take one bad photo. I'm convinced she never does.

Side note - we got ice cream after this shoot. So it was a success regardless.

And yes, the entire time I edited these the song "Sunflower" by Swae Lee & Post Malone was stuck in my head :)

Until next time!!


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