• Amanda Knoner

Practical Magic, Anyone?

Sally & Gillian & Midnight Margaritas!

I have to give credit where credit is due on this one. Hannah took the lead in the concept, styling, and props for this Practical Magic inspired shoot. We somehow found the most perfect models, and right in between shooting NWA Fashion Week we shot this little styled shoot and it could not have turned out better!

Sabrina was our lovely Sally and Hailey our Gillian. They could not have embodied the two more perfectly. I thought I was getting to do a photoshoot with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.

Hannah is not only an exceptional makeup artist, she also creates beautiful mood board style collages and I had to share these intertwined with the shots I got to set the mood.

"There are some things I know for certain:

always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder

keep rosemary by your garden gate

plant lavender for luck

& fall in love whenever you can" -Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman



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