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Mid Century Model

Updated: Jan 3

Happy New Year!

For my first shoot of the year I was inspired by my sister's mid century style home. She has kept its original condition so well, preserving the vintage feel of the entire home including the coolest St. Charles mint blue cabinets. She even has a blog devoted to her mid century abode,

Here is what I captured - some serious sophistication with my go to hometown model, Emma. She is perfection. Styled from my mom's closet, my grandma's scarf, and Emma's jewelry. Makeup cautiously done by me (still learning lol). Perfect lighting. Take a peek.

snuck a little iphone photo into the mix :P

Thank you for getting this far!

This is one of my favorites, I was constantly making squeals of joy at how well they were turning out. The natural lighting in the house made it extremely magical!

Big thanks to my sister Taylor for letting me use her house!



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