• Amanda Knoner

Mallory is a Mythical Creature


This set blew my mind, and it was almost completely spontaneous.

Not going to lie, usually when I do a shoot for fun I like to have every detail down pat...but I let go and let the moment happen with this one. I had a spot I figured would be decent, especially with the sunset light.

Mallory and I had been texting back and forth at machine gun pace with ideas, thoughts, and complete admiration for each other’s work. She is an incredibly knowledgeable photographer, has been in the business for years and is a very talented artist, but she blew me away in front of the lens this time.

I told her I wanted big hair and she brought it. I knew there were secrets in that hair! She even brought some vintage 90s clips and y’all know I had a lot of fun with that.

She forgot her shoes but it turned out perfect because tennis shoes + dress is my favorite combo. I put her in a goodwill slip dress and off we went!

One word. HAIR.


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