• Amanda Knoner

Magic Carpet Ride

Amanda Knoner here with another styled shoot to share!

This styled shoot was an idea I stumbled upon whizzing through Pinterest home design boards. Vintage carpets set up outside. This got me thinking of how I could make it adhere to my style, and then I immediately thought of a model I've been wanting to work with. Melanie has an extremely dazzling, groovy vibe and she posts a lot of warm tones. I thought she would be good for this "70s bohemian with some sparkle" shoot.

There was one other person to call, and that was Hannah Taylor, who has become extremely helpful with my projects. She and I bounce ideas off so well and truly enjoy doing these little adventures, so she was in to help with the little star makeup detail I had in mind.

The rugs I got from a neighbor's yard sale and I they are so fun! When we started shooting turns out we all three clicked and bounced even more ideas for future projects - so a big YES to this girl tribe! Excited to share these photos with yall!


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