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Enchanted Forest

Hi all!

I wanted to start featuring more shoots that I style and am especially proud of. This one will be my first to blog and I have a few more planned in my head. I want people to see the whole series and how the idea came to me - and then see how it came to life.

Jessica is my model for this shoot, who I have worked with before, and this time she came to me with an idea to showcase some bohemian braids she does! She is so talented with hair - and I've seen her braid so quickly it's like magic! She sent me some ideas for wardrobe and we bounced back ideas. A patterned maxi dress is what our hearts desired and it turned out so stunning against the greenery. She had a place in mind but we were running out of light so we made do with this forest near her home - and I have to say it's nothing short of enchanted. See for yourself!

I have had a lot of fun editing these. The edits differ a little only because I truly couldn't decide on one look. I had way too much fun playing around!

and THEN I made her pose even more when we were walking back. Of course she obliges like the pro she is! I can't explain how much I LOVE models that are down to shoot wherever whenever!

the vintage feel of this one <3

Then I made her pose at ANOTHER spot on the way back. I'm pretty extra, and hate to miss out on what could be a lovely photo. I'm glad I did!

We even got a selfie together at the end!

Thank you so much for reading this far! And let me know if blogging sessions is enjoyable. I had a lot of fun making it!

Peace out from the enchanted, magical forest in Arkansas!


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