• Amanda Knoner

Dine With Me

Guys. Honesty Hour.

This entire shoot is unedited.



I fully intended to edit this shoot to perfection...but I couldn't. These photos are too perfect all on their own.

As a photographer, this may be frowned upon...but I honestly couldn't care less. I'm proud of these images and the fun we had at this shoot. Sometimes its okay to leave things simple. Sometimes simple is better. Sometimes it is the more powerful move to make no moves at all.

The makeup done here is without a doubt perfection (give it up for the one and only Hannah Taylor) and our sweet model Lexi was inspiring.

Feast your eyes on this table full of rainbow pancakes, sparkler candles, smeared lipstick, a luxe fur coat, a fierce young lady, and one fabulous evening.

Oh yes friends, these are wax candles held as fake cigarettes, orange soda in crystal goblets. Star shaped confetti. Gold candlesticks. Just the most casual Thursday.

If you can't deal (like we couldn't when we were shooting this) share this post or comment to let me know if you enjoy these styled shoots!



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