• Amanda Knoner

Cherish’s Kitchen

Ahh this shoot gives me so many heart eyes.

cherish posted on Facebook some renovation photos of her kitchen. So naturally, like the nosy photographer I am, i went ahead and messaged her asking to take photos of her in her space!

luckily, she was completely into it.

CRAZILY, we met and I’ve never had so many “ME TOOOOO!” moments in my life. This girl gets me. She explained how much she loved the floor, and after being asked if she was replacing it saying “NO! That’s why I bought the house!” Man I love her. I love people that see beauty and can make old charms of a home look new again, with some creativity.

check out what we got!

i hope you are just as WOW’d as I was when editing these!

thanks for following with another styled shoot ⚡️


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