• Amanda Knoner

Amanda's Take on Vintage Powerpuff Girls

I have to start by saying this shoot has sat in my head for over a year now.

No, I didn't intend on them looking like the powerpuff girls but if the shoe fits...!

I started with the blue silk shift dress from Goodwill. It screamed 60s vintage to me (who knows when it was actually made). But then I got an idea of doing a shoot in this dress at an old motel with a vintage suitcase to go with it...and then I found the green and burgundy dresses almost immediately after and I knew it was meant to happen.

I wanted pearls, big hair, red lipstick, maybe even a cigarette (side note, chose not to because I honestly don't want to perpetuate the use of tobacco or make it look glamorous - even though it was tempting) to bring all this vintage, coca-cola in a glass bottle kind of vibe.

I rounded up my models, did ZERO fittings, and everything worked perfectly on shoot day. the photoshoot gods shined down upon us!!

Hannah Taylor did each makeup look to perfection and it couldn't have suited the vibe more perfectly. I really think she is a genius with a makeup brush.

We put our pearls on and headed to an old motel in Fayetteville, and boyyyy the stares we got.

Worth it - because here's what I got

Basically these girls brought the fierce to my vision - and I'm here for it.



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