Chameleon Photographer

This photo by Tanja Heffner

My name is Amanda Knoner and I have always considered myself a chameleon. There are no boxes I can be put into, no category that will fit. I simply love what I love, and love to capture it in a photograph. Photography has become an outlet for me in many ways. I enjoy the creative direction a designer brings to the table, the happy family wanting simple portraits to hang in their home, the enamored couple needing quality photos of their big day. I enjoy taking photos of landscapes when inspired. Babies have almost always loved me and my camera I tote around with me everywhere. The more the merrier, every new challenge I embrace and adapt my colors to fit the scene. 

No matter where I am or how I change, me and my lens will remain constant. However I want to grow, wherever I may go. 

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to view my work! Feel free to reach out with inquiries.

Caleb Knoner

Picking up a camera as soon as he met me, Caleb Knoner has proven to be a fantastic assistant. The left brain of our duo, Caleb keeps our work in balance and harmony. My second shooter for weddings and my ladder when necessary, Caleb provides a steady and clear eye. Just look at how professional he is!


British Vogue / October 2018


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